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  • Mafis Chesss 2000 1.0

    By using this programme, you compete with a strong computer-opponent that offers up to 5 levels of difficulty. Because of the learning programme, this chess software is right especially for beginners; but also for
  • VNP SECRET 2.0

    VNP SECRET v.2.0 is a programme for file protection. The programme is build according to a simple general rule: it operates on single files. Therefore accidental deletion of a file or a loss of password minimises the
  • TellyPrompter 1.9

    TellyPrompter is a television programme guide and reminder service for UK TV channels. The application allows you to create flexible programme reminders, and notifies you each day about all of your favourite programmes
  • Expandet Calculation Program 1.0.85

    Expandet calculation programme for validation of anchors in concrete.The programme offers possibilities for detailed anchor calculation according to CC Method Design (ETAG 001, Annex C.)The programme ensures: Quick
  • Passcape Win CD Keys 2.7.0

    Eins der besten tools, um verlorene Produkt-CD-Schlüssel für die meisten programme von Microsoft wiederherzustellen (Windows, Office usw.). Das Programm hat zwei Modi: automatisch und manuell. Im manuellen Modus werden
  • meteo in 1.3

    The Library of programme Meteo - programme measures temperature and it sends it to server where data be
  • Touch Typing Deluxe 5.0

    This programme teaches touch typing in 22 lessons. Six different lesson types and a detailed result analysis provide diversified and effective training. As a special feature the programme downloads news from RSS feeds
  • COTRIX 3.0

    Create a directory 'CotTrix' and extract the file '' into this directory. After extraction the following four sub directories are to be found in the main directory: 'input', output', 'prog ' and 'setup'.
  • File Recovery Fix 2.0

    Most useful file recovery software provides best data recovery features for Windows, Novell, Linux&Mac hard drives. Our file recovery fix is one of the best file recovery software for 2010, which is using uniquely
  • Thailand Watch Radio 1.1

    You can listen to the Thai Live Radio programme from "Thailand Watch" from this Widget. You can view, as well, the "Thailand Watch" website while playing the radio programme.the "Thailand Watch" website while playing
  • VNP Archiver 1.1

    VNP ARCHIVER v.1.1 is a programme for file compression in such formats as: *.zip, *.cab, *.lha , *.bh and *jar. The programme decompresses the following file formats: *.zip, *.cab, *.lha, *.bh and *.jar.. Both single

    VNP ARCHIVER v.1.0 is a programme for file compression in such formats as: *.zip, *.cab, *.lha , *.bh and *jar. The programme decompresses the following file formats: *.zip, *.cab, *.lha, *.bh, *.ace, *.tar,
  • Ebstra-2BI 2CI

    This programme will analyse and design any two-dimensional Frame or truss. The user needs to input correct loadings as prompted by the programme. . The programme does Analysis and design for both reinforced concrete and
  • Windows 7 File Recovery Software 2.0

    Professional Windows 7 file recovery software is an essential file recovery utility for recovering and restoring deleted data from any storage media devices like pen drive, memory stick, zip drive, hard drive, USB
  • Mac Data Recovery Tools 2.0

    Advance Macintosh Data recovery Software and macintosh file retrieval tool for deleted or formatted apple macintosh hard drives. Mac recovery Software is the most advanced Mac File recovery application that recovers data
  • TSOLexpress

    T*SOL express is the express design programme for solar thermal systems. It is the right choice for sales staff and trade technicians who need a reliable tool to design solar thermal systems quickly and precisely. A
  • Vent-Axia Fan Selector 1.0.25

    Vent-Axia, leaders in HEVAC technology, has launched its new Fan Selector programme (FSP) to provide essential technical information on the company???s extensive fan product range. Featuring a new improved layout, split
  • BodyByte Nutrition & Fitness Organizer 6.04

    BodyByte is computer software designed to take care of planning, organizing and managing your nutrition and fitness programme. It provides information processing power to Streamline a variety of activities - sports and
  • Easy RAR Recovery 1.1

    Easy RAR recovery is an exclusive application that offers a combination of tools allowing un-deleting or recovering compressed RAR archives from healthy, broken, formatted and unreadable disks and memory drives, and
  • Password Recovery Engine for Network Connections 1.1

    Password recovery Engine for Network Connections is a must-have for anyone willing to have a reliable password recovery tool. A member of the Password recovery Engine family, this application takes much after its
  • ADRC Data Recovery Tools 1.0

    ADRC Data recovery tools v1.0 contains a collection of DIY data recovery tools that supports a wide variety of drives and file systems (NTFS of FAT) for Windows 95/ 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
  • Disk Recovery 2.9.3

    You won't need a screwdriver to recover data or a corrupted partition. You won't need anything but software dedicated to hard disk and data recovery. You probably encountered partition and file system recovery
  • Piggy Back 1.0

    A powerful tool designed for Delphi programmers who want to find a way to INCLUDE external programmes & files into their own source code. The programme came about when I was looking for a way to create my own self
  • Word Password DEMO

    There are many password recovery tools available in the Internet. The first version of Word Password was launched in early 1998. It was the first recovery tool for Word and Excel 97. And now we are proud to present the
  • WinScdManager

    WINSCD is the application programme which allows to manually guide the dosage through a weight indicator. The software guides the operator in the various dosage phases of the components of the entire processing
  • 2+2 - math for kids 2.1a

    2+2 math for kids is a programme aimed to help children's education in the area of basic mathematical skills. Thanks to the programme, the child learns how to count, compare numbers, add, subtract, multiply, and
  • PowerPoint ActiveX 2.4

    Have you ever used an application and wished you had a way of making it interact with your Microsoft PowerPoint programme? Well, this is not a mere pipe dream that you cannot attain. When you use PowerPoint ActiveX, you
  • Chastoslov -

    The programme helps you to ease reading of foreign literature. It lets you Extract all distinct words from a book and learn unknown of them before reading that book. This way you don't need to distract to referencing a
  • 001 Picture Recovery 1.00

    001 Picture recovery is a reliable picture recovery tool for users to recover photos, videos and audios lost due to accidental deleting, formatting,virus infection, and other unknown reasons from PC, SD card, USB Drive
  • gnuVocabTrain 4.1

    gnuVocabTrain is a lightweight Vocabulary Trainer. gnuVocabTrain is a small, resource-efficient vocabulary trainer, which runs under Windows, Linux and Mac OS. gnuVocabTrain 2.2 Features the application is free